History of Apostrophe

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The apostrophe, frequently used in Anglicized spellings of Irish surnames, is ultimately of Greek origin. Adopted by the Latin alphabet, and later incorporated into French punctuation, it was introduced into the English language in the 16th Century.


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Key events of the Civil Rights Campaign (1964-1972) are accessible through the University of Ulster CAIN web service, as well as in the BBC history of Northern Ireland. As a key player in this era, the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association brought together a powerful mix of civic leaders, as evidenced by the meeting at Maghera.


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The Celtic nation of Galicia, in northwest Spain, are cousins of the Irish. As the embarkation point of Celts who migrated to Ireland, Galiza developed the Castro culture of communities of Palloza stone roundhouses, surrounded by stone walls. When I visited Portugal in 1999, I saw this architecture preserved at Citania de Briteiros. Similarities to Irish art are apparent in these ancient Galician stone motifs.

The Galicians also bred the Gallego, the bay-colored mountain horse that is the ancestor of horses in Ireland and later Mexico, from which my buckskin Galaceno Weesa was descended. A good working horse, as well as sturdy riding horse.

Ni Riada MEP

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It might seem odd that Irish language is treated as inferior to the 23 other languages used at the EU, but — thanks to Sinn Fein — this discrimination against Irish did not go unchallenged.

Stormont Stalemate

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Sinn Fein stands firm in protecting the public welfare against a hostile British Government and a passive Irish Republic.

Votaill Sinn Fein!

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Sinn Fein is on a roll in the elections, keeping socialism alive, and uniting Ireland.

Shame on Trinity

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Getting in bed with Israeli apartheid is not a noble enterprise. Participating Irish universities should be ashamed.