Letter from Dungannon

Somehow I missed this comment last summer, but since it comprises the first contact from kin in Ireland, I’m reprinting it verbatim. FYI, Art and Hugh were notable Gaelic leaders 400 hundred years ago, and Dungannon was their political headquarters. (In 1768, my family arrived in the colony of South Carolina on the brig Dungannon.)

Hi Spartacus O’Neill,

Time, energies and finance were against me, but I tried searching a few years ago, inspired by the fact that the late John “Dean” Quinn of Dungannon told my late father, that we were desecended from Turlough MacAirt og O’Neill. The name MacAirt being anglicised into “Arthur’s son” and then Arthurs.

John “Dean” Quinn, was Dean of Dungannon in the late 60’s early 70’s. An Irish Scholar, and as Vicar Capitular and Vicar General of the Arc-Diocese of Dungannon, was the right hand man of the Cardinal.

Coincidence not, we have direct official tracing of our family tree back to early 1800’s, always in Donaghmore Parish area’s of Drumbearn and Dernaseer (outside Dungannon). This is a few miles from Carnteel, as the crow flies.

I still live in Dungannon. Dean Quinn said, our surname in Irish i.e “MacAirt”, was the source of and determining factor for his interest and his results.

If any of you wish to close a few gaps, on this for me, please do. Or similarly, if you would like to dispell this, pls feel free.

Many Thanks !!!

p.s. the Castle Hill in Dungannon was re-openned to the public, as of last weekend, Friday the 7th Sept 2007. You literally can see ALL of Ulster laid out in front of you for 60 miles 360 degrees. e.g. as far as the Cooley Mountains in Louth.

The town partied all weekend, and Irish Music was once again heard from the top of the hill, at Hugh’s birth-place. We all feel very privileged and proud.

Caomhghin Mac Airt | 09.16.07 – 10:05 am


~ by Jay Taber on May 11, 2008.

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